Tuesday, October 26

Eight long years.

 October 26, 2002 Chris and I sealed the deal in St. Augustine, Florida. I've never scanned in our wedding pictures and I guess I'm not about to start now- these pictures were taken of the actual photos with my iPhone, so please excuse the shoddy quality!

 Here we are looking all happy and in love:

And here we are looking like we have no clue what we're doing (psst! we didn't, we were only 20 & 21):

My long-haired musician husband, not be confused with my crew-cut mechanic husband:

All the amazing people who came from all over to share our day with us:

And the most adorable attendants in the whole wedding party :)

Chris, if you read this I would tell you what an amazing journey it's been by your side and how, with all the struggles and up and downs, I wouldn't trade it for the world. But you don't read this so I guess I'll just go watch you play video games now :)

Happy anniversary love. We totally know what we're doing now.


  1. I forgot about Chris's pony tail!
    I remember my shoes kept getting stuck in the grass. :)
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. haha! mine too! i told the girls in the wedding party to wear flip-flops and most of them did luckily ;)

  3. Congratulations Kari and Chris!! We miss you guys. I was talking about you just the other day Kari. A friend of Alvin's said that "Alvin" is his cool friend. I said Kari is mine. Your creativity is such an inspiration to me!
    Love ya
    Cindy Llamas

  4. Aw, congratulations! I love the updated picture after all of the old pictures. So fun :)

  5. That was totally adorable! We were young when we married, too. Your last caption and picture cracked me up.

  6. Hehe... *maybe* a little bit of sarcasm there ;D


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