Monday, October 18

Newly-revised TO DO!

I'm adding things that I've done and then crossing them out, even if they weren't on the list to begin with!

  • purse for mom

  • purses for mary 

  • purse for trade

  • two giant over-night bags (one for me, one for my sister)

  • bed spread for me

  • baby quilt for gift

  • growth chart for gift

  • car organizer, one for gift and one for me

  • car blanket and pillow for the Rabbit

  • Picnic dress for me

  • winter hats for Johnny

  • fall coat for Johnny's birthday- (fail! but he has a LOT of sweaters and coats, so I think it can wait until Spring)

  • two crocheted baby blankets for gifts

  • mushroom pillow for gift

  • play kitchen set

  • pillows for the couch

  • sorting acorns

  • family of wooden spoon puppets for J's b-day

  • squid costume & stroller cover

  • take in and hem pants

  • felt soap

  • play dough
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