Friday, October 22

Wine, squids and free cupcakes :)

I hate night-time pictures, they always come out weird...

Eventful Friday night in progress though- 

Wine from my new German friends, it's super tasty and made right down the road.

The aftermath of the cupcakes baking in my oven right this moment.

And J's costume is coming along, of course the night before it needs to be finished!

More to follow on that later....

In honor of my new endeavor, Jr.'s Cupcake Barn, I'm giving away 12 fall-themed cupcakes this weekend!
Leave a comment here or go "like" me on facebook, then leave another comment letting me know you did so. Make sure you also leave your email, as they are usually private!
Sorry this is only good for people in the Spangdahlem/Bitburg area, but I'll randomly pick a comment tomorrow night (after 8) and bring you your cupcakes Sunday :) Good luck!

(The finished product! You'll get 6 of each, carrot and choco zucchini.)


  1. Woot woot!! I already LOVE your facebook page... and I LOVE reading your blog and seeing your pics!! I seriously can't wait until I get to see the squid costume all finished!!!

  2. Aly and I are in the states but we would love to be considered for any future baked give aways :)
    Although .. my husband is home and he love sweets and has a PT test on the 29th .. if they will "keep" till after that, Im sure he would love them as a celebration :)
    ~Sara McKenna

  3. Your cupcakes look heavenly! I'll probably have too many of my own after Amelia's birthday tomorrow, heck, what am I saying?! How can you have too many yummy cupcakes?! Bring em on!

  4. Those looks delicious. I just "liked" your facebook page.

  5. They look AMAZING! I'm eating toast right now for breakfast and dreaming of a cupcake instead!

  6. They look AMAZING! I love your blog, BTW. :-)


  7. Just "liked" you on Facebook and hoping for cupcakes!

  8. Yay Tiffanie! You win!!
    I'm so happy all of you participated, and there WILL be more cupcake give-aways in the future!
    Thank you for reading!


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