Tuesday, October 19

One Year Old!

Yesterday was Johnny's first birthday! 
We had birthday waffles (a semi-new tradition in the house) and his was topped with a dab of Nutella. 

Not sure how "just a dab" can get spread so far.

We had green vanilla cupcakes with chocolate-coconut-buttercream icing. The 'fun' mom in me wanted the green color, the 'hippie' mom screamed no. Fun won out but this morning he woke up with a pretty bad mysterious rash so hippie mom is saying 'I told you so!' They were pretty cool.

How does a baby go from looking like a baby to a toddler in the span of 24 hours anyway?

We went and picked up Indian food to go and hung out with the friendlies, including J's buddy Anton :)

So cute!!

And, adorable thing of the week- if I tell him to "Say cheese!" I get this:

So, the rundown:
He's 21 lbs, but I don't know how tall. He's got seven teeth, he says mama, dada, da-ee (doggie), nom nom, hey. He knows the signs for sit, all done, milk and don't touch. We are not learning signs as quickly as I'd hoped, but only because I always forget to use them. He dances! He hugs everyone and loves other little kids. He climbs! His favorite toys are an orange juice container and some blocks that he puts in-and-out-in-and-out, a yellow car and his xylophone. His favorite foods are PB crackers and bananas, although he'll eat anything. We don't give him baby food at all, he eats what we eat everyday, whether it be soup, sandwiches, lentils, beans, pasta, veggies. He's a great eater :)
He nurses no more than three times a day, sometimes only two, unless he's not feeling well of course. He sleeps 12 hours straight every single night, and naps range from two long naps to one twenty minute nap a day, there's really no telling.
He throws fits just like a good little toddler when we tell him no, haha... But he is funny and loving and an amazing, smart, curious child.

This kids is so great and we are so, so lucky!

(another great photo by Jessica Ceason!)


  1. He is an amazing and adorable little boy and you guys are doing a great job raising him :) I can't believe how big he is! He's almost caught up to Emily.

    On a side note we did food coloring for the sake of fun for Anika's cake last weekend and I was regretting it while changing diapers for a couple days.

  2. thank you :)
    i'm really not sure what i was thinking on the food coloring, haha.. i think i'll stick to natural colors and sprinkles from now on :)

  3. Love it! He is precious and you are a terrific mommy!

  4. Happy Birthday Johnny and Congrats to you, Kari! He is such a gorgeous boy. And look at that long list of accomplishments. I LOVE when they start to dance. Fun mom beat hippie mom on Nate's birthday too :) You only turn ONE once! Hey - his knit dinosaur hat is ridiculously cute. Did you make it?

  5. Thanks! :D We got the hat on Etsy, from http://www.etsy.com/shop/pedestrian?ref=seller_info. I wish I had made it! but my crochet hats fall apart. haha..

  6. I heart Etsy! She has so much cute stuff. I might have to copy you and get that hat!

  7. Wow... he's soo big!! They make such cute friends!!

  8. Amber, I just emailed her to see if she'll sponsor a give-away! cross your fingers!! ;D


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