Thursday, October 7

A touchy subject.

SO, I guess there's no way to make things different if you don't talk about it....
I hate the fact that most boys in America are circumcised at birth. I think it's a very sad, old, outdated, barbaric tradition that causes pain where no pain is due. I think it's no different from female genital mutilation, which Americans scoff at.
If you ever plan on having children, even if you already do, if you may have more... Learn about it, question it. The more you read the more you'll hate it. And it's not all hype, it's truth. It's sad and it makes me sick to my stomach each time I come across an article about it. But ignoring the facts and just going on with "tradition" is the wrong path to take.

Your son is perfect. He was born perfect and came out just the way he should. Why mess with that?

I don't mean this to offend anyone I know with sons, I only mean to bring up a subject to those who have sons in their futures, to make people think and learn and have compassion for their babies.

Here is a a good place to start, and Peaceful Parenting is a good blog with lots of information.
Quoted from her blog:

"The reality is that today more baby boys die from circumcision surgery each year in the United States than from choking, from auto accidents, from suffocation, from SIDS, and from the (newly recalled) sleep positioners. Do not allow your child to suffer or be taken from you for senseless cosmetic amputation surgery upon his perfectly formed penis."

Seriously, I can't stress enough.... Please, take an active role in your sons' lives and QUESTION the norm. Don't make excuses, just do the right thing by your boys.

I encourage comments on this for the sake of education...



  2. If we are ever blessed with a boy he will be left intact :)

  3. we were planning on getting Anthony circumcised .. although, (given the fact that if he was born alive, he was going to be faced with massive amounts of surgeries for his CDH) I dont think we would have .. and, to tell you the truth ... we probably wont circumcise our son (if the next one is a boy) ... The more I think about it .. the more it just breaks my heart to put him through ANY pain ... especially when Ive known men who arent circumcised and are totally fine with it ..

    Great blog Kari :)


  4. Good for you! I'm happy to see this!!

  5. I'm with you. Our guy is intact and it is one of the best decisions we've made as parents. The statement "Circumcision is cosmetic surgery on an unconsenting person" says a lot as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Interesting - from a UK viewpoint, circumcision is very rarely done now here - there are a few done for religious requirement or for medical problems. Not many and if they are young can be done with a plastibell. Did not used to be the case here but there was a significant change in mindset and people no longer ask for the op.

  7. I hope that the mindset switches as well in US over the next few years. The rate of circumcision is going down (from 60% to 50% just since my son was born) so it's looking promising :)


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