Tuesday, December 22

Bebe Photos: Two Months!

First, a photo of Grandpa with one of his first grandkids:

Auntie in Maastricht.

Mama in Maastricht.


Die kleine Familie.

He's all smiles these days :)

Except when he's screaming, haha!

Stole this photo from my dad, so sweet.

It's cold here!! Thanks to Katie we have a cute hat and coat. Stupid pacifier, muckin' up my pictures, haha..

He looks around everywhere, all the time, like he can't possibly miss a thing.

How Dad keeps him happy!

And he loves his Grandpa <3

Bubbles!!! I looooove the bubbles!

And the smiles!

He loooooves being naked!

He's super awesome, wish I could bring him home to meet everyone! I'm really glad my mom and dad have both been able to visit already. :)

Christmas Preview Two.

The tree is finally up! When dad got here he and Chris went down to the Forester's house to pick up a tree. The Forester is in charge of the surrounding wooded areas and sells locally cut trees to the neighborhood each year, this is the first year we bought one from him. It's beautiful! I'll post more pictures with the actual Christmas post.

The star Chris and I bought the first Christmas we were married. Can't imagine how I've hung on to it so far.

An angel from Annalee's. Annalee Dolls originated in Meredith, NH where my family is from, the whole family has mass amounts of their dolls because my grandma worked there. She is my favorite and has her own special place on the tree.

Our stockings! Tradition is to hang them on Christmas Eve, but I say why not have a good, long look at them? :)


What Christmas is complete without an early present? Tricia gave me this cookbook, by the goddesses of vegan baking:

Mostly I like to bake vegan for two reasons; it's cheap sans butter or eggs, and our good friends and neighbors Zak and Brenda are vegan and I certainly can't bake cookies or cakes without sharing with them! I steal Brenda's Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World on a regular basis, so now the tables will turn because I know she'll steal this in return :)

Even better, I got to test run it on Christmas cookies!

Gingerbread Moose. Mooses? Meese? Hmm...

And assorted red sugar cookies. I had a grand plan for some lobster shaped cookies to go with the moose (a New England Christmas, right?) but it was really soft dough that didn't work with a cutter (yes, I have a lobster cookie cutter, thanks Meagan!!) and so I hand shaped some hearts and pulled out my grandma's old cookie press and played with it a little. There is one lobster hiding in that pile. The bee cookie is for Brenda.
I heart my sister.

Sunday, December 13

Thursday, December 3

Christmas preview.

Christmas card idea? I love this kid, he's got so much personality!

My dad will be here in 10 days! With my sister here and the newish baby, this is going to be a really special Christmas. I haven't been excited about the holidays the past few years but this year is very different! I've even shopped (eep!) as evidenced by the numerous feedback requests in my Etsy account. I do love shopping- don't let my anti-consumerism warpath fool you. I think it's very important to support others who do what my friends and I do, and will if I have the chance. What better chance than Christmas?

Some sellers (friends) I think you should support:
Tall Tree Goods
Betterfly Design

I wish I had the time to stock up my store with Christmas goodies. I have a million ideas but my time is being spent otherwise feeding, burping and changing the munchkin :)

I was able to whip up some stockings to hang on the hearth! One for each of us, and each one is very personal to each person. I'm feeling pretty good about how they turned out, not to mention that I got any sewing done at all!





And Tricia's:

I'm really looking forward to filling them with goodies!! The holidays are much more fun with family around!