Tuesday, December 22

Bebe Photos: Two Months!

First, a photo of Grandpa with one of his first grandkids:

Auntie in Maastricht.

Mama in Maastricht.


Die kleine Familie.

He's all smiles these days :)

Except when he's screaming, haha!

Stole this photo from my dad, so sweet.

It's cold here!! Thanks to Katie we have a cute hat and coat. Stupid pacifier, muckin' up my pictures, haha..

He looks around everywhere, all the time, like he can't possibly miss a thing.

How Dad keeps him happy!

And he loves his Grandpa <3

Bubbles!!! I looooove the bubbles!

And the smiles!

He loooooves being naked!

He's super awesome, wish I could bring him home to meet everyone! I'm really glad my mom and dad have both been able to visit already. :)


  1. Ah! And I though Luckie Jones was devastatingly charming!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love his smile - it's priceless.
    Thanks for sharing the pics with your friends back in Meredith.
    Enjoy the holidays.

    Grace Ainsworth

  3. He is sooo handsome! I love all the pics you post! Looks like you all enjoyed the holidays!!


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