Monday, January 4

Evening time.

It's creepy in this old house at night. Especially when it's quiet and I'm alone...

The past week I've somehow managed to get the babe into his bassinet earlier and earlier each night. We started with three a.m. and whittled it down to ten p.m! Not to mention he's in his bassinet almost all night, with some in-bed time happening in the early morning hours. I'm happy with this arrangement... I love cuddling baby but I also love cuddling my husband, and now that he's working day shift again it's nice to have the bed to ourselves, for at least a couple of hours anyway. I was afraid Johnny would never get used to that bassinet, but the goal was to have him in it by three months and he's two and a half now.

, the point is that each night I lie him down and leave the room. Chris is usually already asleep so I wait outside the room and listen for an unsettled baby so that I can swoop in to rescue him before he wakes up hubby. This creates a *perfect* time to blog.



Christmas was beautiful. Peaceful. Wonderful. Fulfilling. With Dad and Sis and new Baby all here it was promising and it delivered.

Notice Luckie, pitifully making my Christmas photo more humorous in search of his new bone.

Wicked Whoopies! Every year my great grandmother (Johnny's great-great) makes a million of these and distributes them to family. This year I finally decided to learn the art and made these ones for the house. That turned out well because I just now received the grands' Christmas package today with the traditional Christmas morning whoopies in them. They are no less delicious!

The remains of breakfast. Cardamom bread, home-made apple sauce and a plum tart that was made and frozen this summer, and is officially a new Christmas tradition!

Fabric wrappings!!

The one hand-made gift I managed to finish. I made lunch bags for Tricia and Chris, including linen sandwich bags and personalized lettering.

The greatest. Shirt. Ever. From Auntie to Johnny.



Dad left this morning, bummer. It was a short visit for him but no less eventful. We took a quick hike on what we thought was going to be a nice day and he took this.

I need to make some booties for him, his little sock feet may or may not have gotten him sick. They were doubled or tripled up, but still.

Dad was really happy to meet grandson #1. It's amazing how much he changed right in front of our eyes in three short weeks. And BOY did he love his grandpa!


New Year's goodies. We had a small party. German fireworks are awesome! My only resolution is to actually USE the skills I've learned to be more self-sustaining.


Babe's great-grammy Dawn knitted a sweater for his Christmas present. It's super cute, but that could go without saying!

And I finally broke down and learned to crochet. It's already proving to be incredibly handy and I feel very accomplished in that I'll never have a shortage of clothing for this kid, or gifts for birthdays, or wash cloths for the kitchen! It's really easy to do while nursing (which sometimes seems to take up half my day and sucks ALL the creativity out of me pretty quickly). Hooray for multi-tasking!

I've already stocked up on patterns, this sweater pattern is from
WeeBeeUniques, at Etsy of course!

Happy 2010!! Onward ho!


  1. What a gorgeous blog! And what a gorgeous baby Johnny is, you are definately a dab hand at being a mum! Xxx

  2. Kari, is there anything you can't do? I love reading your blogs. You are such an inspiring person!

  3. Shelley HildebrandJanuary 5, 2010 at 1:21 AM

    Just discovered your blog on your facebook post. It is wonderful. You are one talented young lady.

  4. Yay I finally have an account to post compliments, er, comments. ;) I love reading what you have to write and I <3 you!

  5. thank you all :) i'm glad to have creative friends such as yourselves!

  6. That picture of you and Johnny is WONDERFUL! I love the hat you made baby! YAY for a wonderfully creative mommy!


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