Thursday, May 27

Trip to the U.S. part never.

I'm sure you've heard that I dropped my Macbook. I damaged some photo files, mostly from the New Hampshire branch of our trip home. So, Procrastination wins out this time and they won't be posted on here :( But, we are going home again in less than three weeks so let the repeat photo-taking commence!

Tricia has super great timing and purchased a Macbook Pro the day before I took mine in to get looked at. I will be adopting it and loving it like my own for a little while. *Ahem* Better than my own.

I love you all in the States but I almost don't want to leave and miss the summer we might have here! Ah well, summer in New Hampshire will make up for it!! <3

Wednesday, May 19

And so on.

A few things, quick-like.
Johnny is officially 7 months old... He's more interested and more interesting everyday. This is my favorite picture of him at the moment, fiddling with my lens cap:

He's seriously curious about everything around him, especially if it has our interest, like the camera and the phone. He's looking like such a little man and is also finally fitting into his car seat we got while in the States.

And yes, it's still cold enough for that hat! Boo! Stupid non-spring-who-thinks-it's-winter. But check out those yard sale boots :) How New England of him, no?

For the kids clothing week post I promised, we have a throw-back, a screen print that Katie and I worked on a few years back on a shirt he finally fits into (thank you Katie!):

Never thought the day would come that I'd actually have my own little Fat Patch baby! :) And don't yell at me about him chewing on safety pins- it's good to let babies play with tiny everyday things to improve their dexterity and he was closely supervised ;p

So kids clothing item #2 is a pair of jeans. The most expensive baby jeans ever. I bought a pair for myself from Nordstrom's and they were way too big. I washed them before I thought about returning them and so just decided to put them to good use anyway. Dark wash, giant pockets, lots of butt room- perfect! And the sweater was a puff-sleeved girls sweater that I altered for a boy. The shirt is from Target (even I can't resist buffalo plaid!) sized 12 months! Eep! So big!

And #3, some lightweight overalls with lots of room to grow:

They are made from the same fabric that I made a jumper for myself out of.
Both pairs of pants were made too big on purpose, and then sewn down to size so I can take them out later when he is bigger/taller. You know, all depression era-like and stuff.

The jumper is from a pattern by the amazingly talented Meg over at Sew Liberated. This one has no sleeves because that allotted fabric when into the overalls, but it works great over any shirt.

I'm not pregnant, it's just a roomy tunic ;p

I have a terrible habit of dressing us in matching colors or patterns- not on purpose, Tricia suggested that maybe it's just whatever mood I'm in each day, but I'll have to be careful not to walk out of the house with us in our ACTUAL matching outfits!

So that's all for now. Johnny and I are both sick and I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible when I can. Tricia is finally getting over it and hopefully Chris doesn't get it because one baby is enough to take care of! Hehehe...

Wednesday, May 12

Kids' clothes week!

Over at a blog called elsie marley she is hosting a kids' clothes week- I was unknowingly participating the past few days as I worked on Johnny's new pants. So the rest of this week I'll continue the baby outfit makin' and make sure to post everything here. In the meantime, go check out her page for all the lovely ideas! (I know you baby mamas want to!!).

Monday, May 10

Mine Mamma-

My mum is strong, independent, loving, creative... She taught me a lot about living life to your fullest potential and without regrets, along with the skills I use and love like sewing, cooking, and everything art related! She's always worked very hard for me and my sister and now is a successful graphic designer. Thank you mom, I'm proud to be your daughter and ever so grateful for you :) I love you!

Thursday, May 6

Thanks and new happenings.

So. Notice to the right a new little widget/gadget thing having to do with a little website called Etsy. Yup, I'm back up and running, albeit in a whole new capacity. I'm not sure how well I'll keep it maintained, but I have to give it a shot!

I also got my sewing/dining room table cleared off and workable. That means projects will get finished and family dinners will be had. Sometimes. Most times? We'll see. In fact I'm sitting here right now with my laptop safely on the table top and not perched precariously on the arm of the easy chair that I feed Johnny in. A real working space- and dang it feels good!

A look at the new shrunk that made all this possible:

Love in a big vintage box is what that is. The sticker on the back is signed by the maker and dated 1963.

On a different note- I want to say thank you to anyone who reads this. It's a great motivating outlet and I always love your comments either here or on the Face about any of these posts. I've been thinking a lot today about having things in common with people. I get pretty excited about silly things sometimes but I never have to look far to find someone who might possibly be excited about the same silly thing. The exception being my baby's poo routines, but that's what mommy message boards are for! So, thank you! I love reading your blogs as well and am constantly inspired :)

Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, May 4

Bon weekend!

I spent the whole evening cleaning our living room and doing laundry. There is still a huge bucket+ that needs sifting through behind the couch, but that seems like it will go quicker if I make it a family affair so it will wait. I'm really determined to get this house organized, not to mention child-proofed! The kitchen has come a long way, and the bathrooms as well. The entry way is feeling like a lost cause, but it'll get there eventually. I haven't even thought about the upstairs yet (actually, I think about it all the time, it drives me crazy!) That sewing cave will be the death of me I think.

Anyway, I think I'm feeling especially motivated because I got a much needed break this weekend. We drove up to the Netherlands to see the Keukenhof tulip gardens (that's actually redundant as Keukenhof means Kitchen Garden). Just about everyone we've ever known here has gone at some point, and we've never gotten around to it. Luckily we extended our tour so this year we finally saw it, and I was pretty stoked that Chris agreed to go!

The flowers were, of course, amazing. The smell was like walking through thousands of flowers- oh wait, haha... and there were surprisingly few bees. ;)

I liked the daffodils almost more than the tulips.

And the trees! The gardens are only about 60 years old (which is very young by European standards) but the trees were giant and amazing.

One spring when Dad was here he made me take a picture in front of a Beech tree because it was so big, he wanted to prove to everyone back home how big it was in comparison. So, Dad, this is for you, the most giant Beech I've ever seen and Chris is standing in front to prove how big it actually is.

And we can't forget a traditional Dutch windmill!

Johnny was also amazing. He was very happy to be outdoors. His car limit is only about three hours tho, and the drive takes four. There are all sorts of smashed foodstuffs in his car seat from us feeding him fruit and snacks to keep him from losing it that last hour!

A friend of Chris's took some family photos, which I'll post later. But he was teaching me a thing or two about my camera. I'm kind of camera illiterate and just wing it most of the time, and luckily the Mac has a good editor ;p So I was practicing some indoor shots, in addition to the outdoor flower ones.

And then there was this funny thing.

We stayed the night right on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Most uneventful Amsterdam trip to date since we all fell asleep almost immediately!

But the next morning we went to Tongeren, Belgium, which is home to Europe's second largest antique market. I don't have pictures to share, but I can't wait to tell you my scores; a WW1 copper bugle for Chris, a pretty green coffee grinder (to go with my new-to-me coffee press I picked up a couple wees ago) and a vanity perfume set for Tricia.
Johnny fell asleep in my arms for one of the first times ever and we headed home.

I'm very thankful that we live in a place that has so much to offer. And it's much easier to go back to the daily grind of diapers, dishes and vacuuming on the inside of the house when you know what's on the outside to look forward to!