Thursday, May 27

Trip to the U.S. part never.

I'm sure you've heard that I dropped my Macbook. I damaged some photo files, mostly from the New Hampshire branch of our trip home. So, Procrastination wins out this time and they won't be posted on here :( But, we are going home again in less than three weeks so let the repeat photo-taking commence!

Tricia has super great timing and purchased a Macbook Pro the day before I took mine in to get looked at. I will be adopting it and loving it like my own for a little while. *Ahem* Better than my own.

I love you all in the States but I almost don't want to leave and miss the summer we might have here! Ah well, summer in New Hampshire will make up for it!! <3


  1. Tricia, I don't know if I'd let Kari touch my MAC... her track record is'nt looking very good :) he he !!

  2. I have your photos from the first part of your trip with me. I'll get them to you when you come in June. -Mom


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