Friday, June 4

A week in a photo.

A few blogs that I love sum up their weeks on Fridays with one photo that says it all. I love this tradition and think its fitting to do the same here.
Just not this week, haha... Maybe Sunday instead of Friday? That is, if I remember my camera this weekend!

This week we fought over food everyday. Our little "good eater" is on strike. He MUST have pureed food and he MUST feed it to himself. I'm finding a happy medium with really squishy solids, like polenta and gnocchi. Veggies are out the door and fruit is iffy at best. Why would I think it would be that easy? Silly Mama.

I dare say he had fun feeding himself almost exclusively.

Yesterday was a dear friend's birthday and he husband asked us to make owl related gifts, here's mine:

And, since she is the cupcake queen herself, I went all out and made some pretty extravagant cupcakes (for me anyway!) to go along with the required Indian Food Birthday Dinner. I even learned to decorate them with a frosting bag!

We love us some Brenda, and she loves her some cupcakes!

On a side note, the swallows that I enjoy watching swoop the yard each summer have taken up residence under our eves! We can sit on the porch upstairs and they come right up, hardly noticing us.

How lovely!!


  1. Wow, those cupcakes look delicious. Cool picture too. :) My second daughter also insisted on feeding herself pretty early. A messy affair certainly, but also kind of cool that they like doing things for themselves. :)

  2. I do like me an independant baby ;D


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