Sunday, June 6

A really bad, no good, terrible day.

Just in case you were wondering, it really is all sunshine and rainbows around here most of the time. Not literally, as sunshine and rainbows in the sky are both rare here lately, but figuratively as the household goes about it's business. We have fun and keep our chins up and make each other laugh quite often.
Then there was Saturday.
For me anyway, it was a really bad day. I think everyone else patiently tiptoed around me- except for the baby, who cried 2/3 of the day for no apparent reason- and waited it out. I used to buy Hershey Kisses, listen to Pink Floyd and take a few naps on days like that... But baby.... Baby didn't want to nap, baby didn't want to eat, baby didn't want to be put down, baby didn't want to be held. And we've had days like that, just not mixed with my foul mood and nagging feeling of despair, so they have never felt so, so bad. Add to it at least three isolated incidences of stupidity, nothing to wear on a hot day and a sick dog and it really did seem to top the charts.

All of this tho was suddenly nothing when I got home and found that a friend had died. Diana had stomach cancer and had been fighting hard for over a year. She had the support of so many people and never-ending love from her husband and two dog babies.
She was an incredibly talented lady, winning awards for jewelry contests and making her way into magazines. If you know me and I have given you jewelry, it was probably made by her.

I'll be wearing the bracelet she made me for a long time to come.

You will be missed sweet lady.


  1. Hi Kari, I am sorry to hear about your friend. It really puts things into perspective when things like that happen, especially when you think you have gone through the worst already. I used to do your mom's hair by the way- she always talked about you and thats how I found your blog. :) Hang in there, I am a new mom too and some days...woo! We have all been there!

  2. Thank you! It certainly brings things down to Earth...


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