Saturday, December 1

In Vegas.

Boy, I used to hate it here. Turns out the culture shock of coming to Las Vegas from Germany was a little much. Tucson to Vegas, muuuuccchhh better. Plus I have part of my family here to keep me occupied. I came this time to help with a birthday party and stayed to help with life. Johnny and I leave tomorrow and I am actually going to be sad to go. Good thing we know we will be back soon!

Katie's daughter, Genny, had an Across the Universe party. So cute! Stars and strawberries on the ceiling, yummy treats and cute games. Lots and lots of sugar and sparkles, haha! 

Johnny went to Genny's school for a few days, and the rest of the time he has spent in the sandbox out back.

It's amazing how many places feel like home to me now. J and I can settle in pretty easily almost anywhere at this point!! Little things and awesome people from lives past show up and are very comforting indeed. It's been quite the soul-fufilling stay, for sure.

We are about to put that idea to the test as we drive off into a desert sunrise on a week-long road trip to Florida for Christmas- just me and J! I'm really looking forward to stopping and visiting with some great friends and family along the way, and of course the family at the end of the road!!