Kunst der Kuh:


It seems strange, but on this earth cows are one of the most inspiring creatures to me. They are simple and gentle with little fear and lots of curiosity. They live day to day grazing in the sun with their children nearby, always watching with their soulful eyes. The art of a cow is the way it lives, the way it loves, and the way it can inspire one to be a simpler, gentler being in many aspects of life...

Hello. I am Kari. I don't have one all-encompassing label to describe myself to make it easy for you. 
To help you get to know me:
I'm an Air Force wife and pacifist from a long line of military family. I'm proud of my husband and the humanitarian he strives to be.
I've got art in my bones. My first memories are of doing art with my mom at the tender age of 2 1/2 years old. Same with baking- pie making at 3!   
I'm not a writer. I don't know my grammar, so I use a lot of commas. I intend to fix that one of these days, just not today.
I sew, embroider, crochet, paint, tattoo, bake and plain ol' cook. 
I don't make beds and I rarely fold laundry.
After dealing with some health issues in my 20's, I developed a slight chemical phobia. (Lie. A big chemical phobia.) I've finally relaxed and let my son choose a plastic toy here and there, each time needing to take a deep breath accompanied by a little self-reminder that *this* toy won't kill him (and I still get upset when he puts them in his mouth!). You can imagine how this translates to food: not a BPA-lined can in sight.
I can't function without being surrounded by color. I sometimes confuse color with clutter (which I can certainly do without) but I'm working on that. ;) 
I consider myself and East Coast girl. My husband is an East Coast guy. We met in Florida right out of high school and continued our relationship up the East Coast and on into Germany, where I learned German. Now we are relocating with our son and two dogs to the Southwest.
I'm looking forward to new adventures, new skylines, new people. 
I'm learning Spanish. 
I can't wait to paint the walls of our new-to-us house! 
I'm dreaming of opening a sewing studio, and of my own line of fabrics. 
My friends are my chosen family. I hear people say that all the time, but I always feel as if no-one means it as much as I do. I love them so, and they, along with my family, are now all over the world, hence the blog.

So there you go. Here you are. Thank you :)