Tuesday, January 29


I am staying in Vegas helping out my 'bestie' again and today as I was cleaning up and going through some of her daughter's school papers from last week, I found this!

How sweet is that!? I think that painting (see my most recent previous post) is much better as a seven year old's drawing. Also, it ties right into Illustration Friday's theme of 'wings' so here it is!

Monday, January 28


....Lots of dreaming going on around here. Lots of real life, too, however good or bad. Writing and sharing life has taken a back seat to just being in life, and taking it day by day... and doing art in any spare moment there is. 
I'll be back to check in when this life allows. 

(P.s. You can buy a print of the little bird above here, if you are so inclined.) :D