Tuesday, August 7

When it rains it pours.

I have so many photos on my camera at the moment, but not really any way to upload them yet. I'd really like to share them, but soon!

We've been in temporary housing for about a week, two more days to go, and then we're on our way to Frankfurt...

The movers came two weeks ago to pack up our household and ship it to the US. While they were here I came down with food poisoning and Chris failed his PT test, resulting in loss of his line number for Tech Sergeant.
He then had a lot of difficulty trying to sell our truck due to the title being shipped with our household, but that didn't matter later because it died on the way to drop it off to the buyer. It's now in the scrap yard.
We then got news that it's unlikely that the house we've been trying to buy for the past two months will be sell-able to us any time soon, due to repairs that need to be made before we can acquire the loan. The house is bank-owned and being sold as-is, so repairs are not really in the deal.
We've had two rides to the airport cancel and have paid hundreds of dollars to ship packages to Arizona and New Hampshire, since our household was over the weight limit (usually the military will pay for some boxes to be mailed when moving, but not if you are overweight).

Chris had to pay divert our car mid-shipment to get it to L.A. instead of San Diego (even tho the latter is closer to Tucson, he has to fly into the same place the car is being shipped and they won't fly the him and the dogs together to San Diego, only to L.A... Yea, I don't know either. Sadly no one mentioned this to him to begin with, before he had to pay to change it.)
Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we will get the dogs to the States successfully and without it costing us 1.000,00 euros. That all depends on the weather and the heat.

Also, I hope they don't change my and Johnny's flight information again, we already have connection tickets to western NY, but they keep screwing with our Frankfurt to JFK flights and I seriously hope there isn't an overlap!!

And hopefully Chris, Zak and Brenda can find a good place to live (quickly) in Tucson. Johnny and I will be out of their hair in New Hampshire for almost two months, so that may be helpful, although I'd love to be there to help with the dogs and the house hunting.

We are all so tired and worn out. I didn't even mention all that has gone wrong in the past two weeks, really just scratched the surface. It's so beyond time to get to Arizona and get settled.

Phew. Three more days.