Wednesday, May 19

And so on.

A few things, quick-like.
Johnny is officially 7 months old... He's more interested and more interesting everyday. This is my favorite picture of him at the moment, fiddling with my lens cap:

He's seriously curious about everything around him, especially if it has our interest, like the camera and the phone. He's looking like such a little man and is also finally fitting into his car seat we got while in the States.

And yes, it's still cold enough for that hat! Boo! Stupid non-spring-who-thinks-it's-winter. But check out those yard sale boots :) How New England of him, no?

For the kids clothing week post I promised, we have a throw-back, a screen print that Katie and I worked on a few years back on a shirt he finally fits into (thank you Katie!):

Never thought the day would come that I'd actually have my own little Fat Patch baby! :) And don't yell at me about him chewing on safety pins- it's good to let babies play with tiny everyday things to improve their dexterity and he was closely supervised ;p

So kids clothing item #2 is a pair of jeans. The most expensive baby jeans ever. I bought a pair for myself from Nordstrom's and they were way too big. I washed them before I thought about returning them and so just decided to put them to good use anyway. Dark wash, giant pockets, lots of butt room- perfect! And the sweater was a puff-sleeved girls sweater that I altered for a boy. The shirt is from Target (even I can't resist buffalo plaid!) sized 12 months! Eep! So big!

And #3, some lightweight overalls with lots of room to grow:

They are made from the same fabric that I made a jumper for myself out of.
Both pairs of pants were made too big on purpose, and then sewn down to size so I can take them out later when he is bigger/taller. You know, all depression era-like and stuff.

The jumper is from a pattern by the amazingly talented Meg over at Sew Liberated. This one has no sleeves because that allotted fabric when into the overalls, but it works great over any shirt.

I'm not pregnant, it's just a roomy tunic ;p

I have a terrible habit of dressing us in matching colors or patterns- not on purpose, Tricia suggested that maybe it's just whatever mood I'm in each day, but I'll have to be careful not to walk out of the house with us in our ACTUAL matching outfits!

So that's all for now. Johnny and I are both sick and I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible when I can. Tricia is finally getting over it and hopefully Chris doesn't get it because one baby is enough to take care of! Hehehe...

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  1. I love your kid clothes! And also, seriously, it is so approprite for Johnny to chew on safety pins whilst wearing FatPatch!


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