Wednesday, January 20

The super fantastic, wicked amazing, wonderful beyond words baby show!

Johnny is 3 months this week! Yay! Woo! We made it so far! haha..

He always looks surprised or angry because of the camera flash! I'm sure he'll be happy when summer comes along with the sun :)

He is a happy baby and loves to chew on your hands while staring at KatoBear. He smiles big when he sees Auntie and loves to find Dad across the room. Mum can sing him into calmness, no fail, every time (aww!) He loooooooves showers and walks and a teething ring Meagan got him before he was born, before she left. He'll rattle his rattle for ya and drool on your dog if you do so please. He's wearing up to 6 month size clothes and some 12 month t-shirts. Tonight he weighed 16 1/2 lbs!
His hair is actually brownish although I'm kind of hoping the red comes out more. ANd his eyes are dark blue. I also hope those stay, he looks so much like Chris he should at least have my blue eyes! Haha!

He's finally started noticing the dogs, Luckie even made him laugh this morning.

He's rolling over well, even if he doesn't mean to!

... And hoisting himself up ALL the time...

Dad was the first to make him really laugh.

But mum makes him super cool hats!

He sits here while we cook:

And here while we clean:

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed!

Oh yea, what's a baby without drool, anyway?


  1. He's gorgeous! I love Team Cadenhead!

  2. Love it, love it, love it!!!! Love you guys and CANNOT wait to meet the spawn!!!!!! After 3 months, still over the moon for you guys!

  3. The picture with him and Lucky is priceless.
    Cannot wait to squish his cheeks in July!!

  4. Those cheeks are priceless!!! He is adorable, Kare Bear!!!


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