Thursday, January 14

Transformation (help?)

Ever since having Johnny, oh, these three months have been frumpy!
So much of me has transformed. I'm a mother now of course, but along with that came an absolute change in my body. I'd like to think it will go back to the way it was but I have a feeling that won't be the case at all. My feet did shrink back a bit and I hit my pre-pregnancy weight pretty easily, but that's the extent of it. My hair is dry, my skin is bad and pale again, my hips are biiiig. Or maybe just oddly shaped? My waist is bigger and higher and my butt is gone, strangely enough.
All of this adds up too ill-fitting clothing. My pants sag and look boyish, my button-up shirts don't button... I saved a lot from pre-pregnancy but most of it is useless, especially with my new nursing needs.
The frustration is endless. I loved my closet, and I KNEW my body. I want to feel like a floaty pretty mummy, instead I feel like I should be wandering into the commissary in my sweats and slippers.

So, for the three month mark I decided on some needs:
  • All new underwear... Check.
  • New (well fitting) boots... Check.
  • Wrap dresses, a long sweater and a floaty coat... Check.
  • Hair cut and waxed eyebrows... Check.
  • Replenish basic makeup elements... Check.
  • Eyeliner touch up (it's tattooed on)...
  • New, swirly earings...
  • New pants (that hopefully I'll make myself)...

Does anyone have any suggestions? What do you do to feel pretty? What are your favorites in your closet? Is any particular brand super mom-body friendly? Help!!

My new floaty dress/coat (by Cocoricooo, all the way from Thailand!) :


  1. Those button up shirts can still be worn open with a t-shirt under. Flowing shirts and coats that fit tighter up top but flow away fromt the belly help. You will get used to your new body. It's especially hard on the belly area after having a c-section. From the pics I've seen, I think you look great. So happy and healthy.


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