Sunday, October 24


My baby DOES look like me!! 
Here's my Aunt Kari and me in the 80's:

And Johnny today, well, a few weeks ago:

So there!! Haha!!! 
Of course he still really looks like his dad too! 


  1. Hahaha. He does indeed look like both of his parents! Love your dinosaur header :)

  2. :) Yes he looks like both of you and a good mix not like he looks like neither but has definite features of both. He looks like you when he is with you and Chris when he is with him. Perfect!
    I didn't realize that it wasn't really a compliment when you say "oh he looks just like (insert other person) until now... and i now realize you BOTH want the baby to at least prove that you are their parent. :) Johnny is adorable and a perfect combo!

  3. You know, as a mom, you just work SO HARD making that little kid, you want it to come out looking at least a *little* like you, hahaha!!

  4. I KNOW! I am like seriously i have to strain to get out of bed in the morning... i better not pop out a spit-en image of my husband, whose life has been left uninterrupted! JK! It would be cute if he looked like Nick, but just a little something for momma!


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