Monday, October 4

Shadows and cupcakes.

Cupcakes for no reason are the best cupcakes...

Vegan Cookies and Cream cupcakes especially :)

Okay, so my son is giving me (and Dad and Auntie) a run for my money. He climbs the stairs, he climbs the baby gates. He turns the knobs on the stove, nearly burning the house down (the knobs have now been removed, after a frightening incident involving a cookbook). He puts everything in his mouth, and if it doesn't wind up in his mouth he feeds it to the dog. He eats, all. the. time. If I don't feed him fast enough he pulls all the cereal out of the cabinet an eats that. He's trying to talk and is pretty forceful in all his actions -as evidenced by numerous bruises on his legs and a bloody nose for Mom tonight, caused by a curious finger and finger nail inserted into my left nostril. 

He's nearly a year old and amazing- we couldn't ask for a more perfect match for our family! 


I've been motivated lately to get things done, try a few new things. 
Here's a blanket for a friend's son complete with mushroom pillow!

A family of wooded spoon puppets for J's birthday.

Felted soap! Everyone's doing it! This was fun and I'll be making more really soon, with friends and children involved hopefully :)

A quilt for the bedroom, made with a panel of Indian Batik.


We've been trying hard to enjoy what sunshine is left of this year. 
In the winter here the sun s setting by 4 p.m. and doesn't rise completely until almost 10 a.m. I'm not looking forward to it. What do you do with a rambunctious toddler indoors for a whole winter??

Ohhh, it's way past bedtime... night friends!


  1. You come to Anton's house and let the crazy boys play in the play room and we can take a nap :) he he... so looking forward to making the felted soap!!!

  2. You know what "they" say about a baby who develops fast. Means another is soon to follow.



  3. you never know when it could happen ...


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