Wednesday, October 6

Pirate treasure and so forth.

My bestie's five year old calls dumpster diving Pirating. It's hilarious. 
A friend informed me that the childcare center on base threw a TON of stuff into a dumpster the other day. It's been awhile since I've dug through the trash, so I made the trip out there and jumped on in while Johnny napped in the car- right next to me, with the windows down! I clarify because I know how the base is about that and I'm thankful no one called Security Forces on me, because I really scored big in the trash!  
I've been wanting a small chair For J since he can't seem to stay in his highchair. He should have had a chair ages ago, but I'm cheap and haven't found the perfect one, but now here it is! 

Also picked up a vinyl covered block to use as a table.

...And a sweet tambourine to add to the music instrument collection!

I know everyone knows clearly how I feel about plastic toys, but this guy was rescued from the landfill so it's balanced out :) He'll do well outside.

And it took J. like 3.5 seconds to climb up and rock out!

Here he is eating breakfast like a BIG boy :) He didn't even throw his plate! We are using the sign for "sit" and it works out pretty well. I'm happy because I can turn my back without having a heart attack about him climbing out of his chair every 5 seconds.

I can't believe they were throwing stuff like this away. There was a perfectly good double stroller in there too, amongst other toys and odds 'n' ends. NOT trash by any means. It's really sad how wasteful our culture can be.


So, as he turns one I thought I wouldn't be the sentimental one, but each day I want to hang onto him a little harder and play with him a little longer and just watch and watch and watch.
Probably it has something to do with going back to work, but I imagine it's just a part of him growing up.
I want to remember every. little. moment.

Chris is on swing shift now so I get to put him to bed most nights. I hold him and he rests his head on my shoulder and we sway a little and he falls asleep so easily. I lay him in his bed and tuck him in and shut the door, and I always immediately want to go back in there and hold him and just listen to him sleep. But then in the morning I really love opening the door and seeing him get all excited, it's the perfect start to any day. The perfect start and the perfect ending, and I'm so, so lucky.


  1. Good finds! I can't believe they didn't give those things to the Airman's Attic! I hope you weren't the only one "pirating" :)

  2. You are so sweetly sentimental. I hope i am like you when i have my baby boy.

  3. Oh my dear, you will be an amazing Mommy!! xo!


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