Saturday, October 23

The making of a Socktosquid, part 2.

The halloween costume is done- a full seven days before halloween! But only the morning of the first party so really just in time, in true halloween costume tradition, haha...
I love love love love LOVE it! 

He HATES it! Haha!

There is a sweet matching stroller cover made out of a very heavy interfacing and felt. It's really kind of a hack-job, as it was finished just 1/2 hour before we had to head out the door.

It will be handy for trick-or-treating with friends next week, and it also holds his crazy tentacles in place pretty well.

So now, in continuation of Part 1, here is a quick rundown on how this was made:

Once all the socks were cut into squares I started sewing the bottom halves together end-to-end for the tentacles.

Once about eight of them were sewn, I folded the line of them in half and sewed down the long side, ending each one in a little swirl, kind of like this:

Then each tube was turned right-side and four of them were stuffed. The other four were set aside until the base of the top and pants were done.

For those I sewed the tops into rows of three, then sewed two rows together to make a block of six. I made four of these blocks.

I used a hoodie in the right size as a rough pattern and cut a front top, back top and two pants legs.
The front and back top pieces got sewn together at the shoulders and sides and at each armhole an open end of one an unstuffed tube was attached.
Once the pant legs were assembled and elastic inserted in a casing in the waist, I cut them off short and attached the last two unstuffed tentacles. Two of the stuffed tentacles were then hand sewn on each the top and the bottom, one on front, one on back.

For the hood, I made two blocks of four and two blocks of two. I used the same hoodie to cut and inner hood, then a much more exaggerated outer hood and sewed the two together along the front (where his face would be). It was stuffed in the top and sewn to the neckline of the shirt. Then I put a casing along the opening for a drawstring.

The unstuffed arms and legs get stuffed only to the point where your child's hands and feet will reach. I cut a slit right where his hands reached to in the tentacle so that he could slip them out.

The fins are just two triangles hand sewn on.

I wish I had the energy to write a full tutorial, (or the forethought to take take all the right pictures!) But for now this is how you make a Socktosquid!!

(borrowed this photo from a friend!)


  1. J. with the car is the best picture ever!

    You are awesome. :)

  2. baby costumes are EASY! could you imagine making one for an adult? haha!!

  3. I'm beside myself with how clever and cute this is! Love it!

  4. Chris would definitely have no socks if you tried to make it adult. :)


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