Thursday, October 14

The best breakfast and a growing bebe.

 Tricia may or may not have eaten this for breakfast this weekend:

 Oh, how I miss eating like a pregnant woman!

Just a peek at why I can't do dishes while J's awake... yes, he is in the dishwasher...

He gets bigger and grows up more everyday.
Tonight, after I got him dressed for bed, he climbed off the futon and crawled into his bed, teddy bear blanket in tow. I covered him with the blanket and left, and just like that my little baby was gone. He didn't want to be read to or rocked or sang to, he only wanted to go to bed. :::Sigh::: At this point I know I should be nothing but thankful that we have such an independent little boy, but really?? So soon? I was going to be the co-sleeping, breast feeding, baby wearing momma for as long as we could drag it out. Now, he doesn't sleep if anyone else is in bed with him (except for naps with dad), he eats everything in sight (tonight it was black bean and salsa soup with hot sauce!) and therefor is nursing less often, and he will only tolerate being in a sling for, well, however long he feels like it- which can be 10 minutes to two hours. If he decides he's not up to it my hair and skin suffer under the wrath of his flailing arms and hands.  
But dang, look how sweet he looks!

At least one of my babies still needs me, hehe...

This guy! It is an on-going battle to find a meeting point for dog and baby. They love each other but some days Luckie is just not having it any more and Johnny is just done with Luckie. It gets easier as he gets older and I imaging it still will. But how do you teach a dog not to eat the baby's food when the baby thinks it's funny to feed him?! Haha...  Meh, it's all part of the fun I suppose :) Everyone keeps asking when we're having another but in all seriousness, I have my hands full already! Speaking of, we got a really nice fireplace gate at the hardware store last weekend, so no more head injuries (on the hearth anyway!).

Night everyone. <3


  1. Grabbed his blanket and crawled into bed? Sounds like a dream come true to me! LOL

  2. haha! I know right? i sound silly 'complaining' about it- it's just bittersweet!

  3. It just means you are doing your job as a mommy... he's so continent that he feels safe and secure to just get in bed and dream away... I know how you feel though this getting around on their own topped it for me... but... I still want another one... NOW!! he he

  4. Well we certainly have a lot in common. We have a Nate/Ava throwing food/circling to eat up situation over here as well. I can't say I'm not jealous about the crawling into bed with the blankie though ;) It is hard when they are suddenly more independent than you were prepared for!


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