Monday, November 1

Nom nom.

That happens to be one of the things the J says nowadays, "nom nom nom." Usually while he's snacking on peanut butter crackers. 

Up until now we've only had store-bought crackers because I thought it would be a huge pain to make our own. I was so wrong!
How stinkin' easy! These ones are oat and wheat crackers, they are the heartiest ones I could find,  the recipe is here. Have I ever mentioned how much I love I hate wasting time and energy on bad new recipes and the rating system they have makes it pretty easy to pick out the best ones right from the beginning. They were so, so simple and tasty- they taste like Kashi wheat thins, not like cardboard, which is what I was afraid of!

I'm so happy to be baking again (something other than cupcakes anyway!) today it was crackers and naan and tomorrow I'll try Irish wheaten bread.  I'll also be making pumpkin butter in the crock pot, since we didn't get to carve all of our pumpkins in time fore Halloween.


  1. Okay, I am totally going to try these. They sound really yummy - nom, nom, nom! - and Nate and I love those Kashi crackers.

  2. In these I left out the cinnamon and sprinkled sea salt on them before putting them in the oven. :)


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