Monday, November 8


This past summer my talented husband and Johnny's Opa worked on a sweet little push cart for J's birthday. We got it in the mail from Opa the other day, and it's great! His favorite activities involving it are sitting in it and playing with all of his other toys, and playing with the box it came in. No pushing involved, ha!

But he is walking, boy is he walking! It's like he hit a milestone and broke down several barriers all at once, it's amazing. He talks (A Da! Or 'all done', that's the cutest..) he signs more everyday, he understands an awful lot all of a sudden. I'm not going to lie, it's a little scary as I'm not sure where my baby went. This little boy chased him out of the house like 2.5 seconds after he turned one!

Watching him grow and learn is one of the most rewarding things I've ever been involved with. Today he flipped his lid in the car and started yelling and pointing in excitement at some brightly colored flags in the distance, and then continued to do so the rest of the afternoon any time he saw a flag (and on base there are a lot of flags). It's the first time he's ever showed interest outside of the car, it never really occurred to me that he was ever paying much attention. He also gestured and yelled some nonsense at the dog when I told him to leave the kitchen this evening. He was very stern and Luckie left right away, haha..

Life around here can be so mundane. I hate housework and it's been rainy and the dogs have been difficult and we are trying to adjust to a new way of living life that takes a lot of patience- but all he has to do is attack my leg like a little giggling monkey and everything melts away into the universe and we are just here right now being happy.
To have such a naturally happy child is a real blessing and a perfect reminder to not take things too seriously. :)


  1. This is just beautiful, Kari. Sometimes I need a drooly, giggly little reminder to appreciate the day to day as well. I love watching Nate's development too. He also exploded with new things after a year. It's an amazing transformation, isn't it?

  2. It's like watching a caterpillar grow into a butterfly, haha, that's sappy but really how it is :)


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