Sunday, November 14

Mmmm... Pizza...

I would eat pizza 7 days a week. I'm convinced that it's healthy (at least you could make it so!) and you could also include most or all of the food groups. So there.

Since giving up cheese (I could devote a whole blog post to that alone) it's all I've craved! :( 
I finally found a good recipe for tofu/cashew ricotta so I decided to make a pizza with it- I've spent a couple years experimenting with dough, nothing is ever just right tho. This week I had some naan dough on hand and used that as a crust. Perfection! Johnny and I both gobbled it up!

I really love pizza. No, really. And just for the record, the best pizza I've ever had was in Naples, up in the hills on a beautiful Spring night almost five years ago... sighhh....


  1. You should make a trip to sicily and have a clazone. :) Naples makes fantastic pizza.

    You gave up cheese? I almost fainted.

    You look stunning in your new profile picture.

  2. Thank you :)
    Cheese and I have a love-hate relationship, even more so now that it's out of my life!

  3. Over the years, any time I would complain about my weight, my husband would kindly suggest that I could do an easy cut out all of that cheese. Cheese is non-negotiable for me. He has finally stopped making that ridiculous suggestion! Mmm, pizza. Now I want some! For breakfast :)

  4. pizza for breakfast is the beeeeeeesssssst ;>


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