Saturday, November 27


Ugh. The MAIL is being s-l-o-w!
Waiting on a new charger for my macbook (J shorted out the last one by putting it in his mouth!). Once that gets here I'll be back to photo posting.
Waiting on boxes for dozens of cupcakes that are destined for Weisbaden- hopefully next week.
Waiting on a give-away! (Yayyy!!)

We have to drive almost half an hour one way to check our mail, and I need to drive out that way tomorrow, but I'm resisting a special trip just for the mail today. Ah well, Monday...

On a different note...

I've been thinking about traveling. It's easy here (except for the baby in the car part) but I'm thinking further- like India. Plane tickets are not nearly as expensive from here as they are from the States, so I think that's my new goal; Visit India before we leave Germany. :)

P.s. We had a wonderful (95%) vegan Thanksgiving!! My husband insisted on a turkey roast so I obliged, and my sister made mac and cheese, but I was so happy to see it all come together perfectly and everyone really enjoyed it. Here's to great friends!

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