Tuesday, November 16

Giveaway results!

Last week we went through several hours of trying to choose just one photo to give away to you lovely folks. But alas, we just couldn't agree or decide, so had to leave it up to you (oh, darn!).

So, congratulations #22 BRENDA (yay!) who said, "They are all so beautiful! It's very hard to narrow down, but I love the poppy/wheat field and the two doors. She really does do great work."

 Haha, now YOU need to pick one!

May I make a suggestion? ;->

Thanks to everyone who participated! And thank you to Jessica!! You can purchase any of Jessica's art prints through her gallery at any time. 

Be on the lookout for more Handmade Holiday giveaways in the next few weeks. THANK YOU!! Xoxoxoxo!!

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