Friday, November 19

30 things.

I was tagged in a post on Facebook, I could post it back on there but I thought it better suited to my blog. So, if you can stand a post with no pictures, here ya go...

Oh, and consider yourself tagged ;>

Things I am/do/believe:

1. Sit in front of the oven window while baking and marvel at chemistry in action.

2. Can't survive without buffalo sauce. My mouth waters at the words. Every. Single. Time.  

3. Wear size 10 1/2-11 shoe, they 'grew' when I got pregnant. 

4. Love immaculate, organized houses but am too wrapped up in other stuff to keep mine like that.

5. Collect friends. Real ones, good ones. I want it to be so that no matter where I go, there is someone there that I love.

6. Wish I was more feminine.. I try but usually it gets tossed aside these days for other things, like trying to get ketchup and saliva out of my favorite fresh clean sweater.

7. I'm an intactivist. There, I said it... Albeit maybe a little more passive than most.

8. Also a lactivist, and definitely not a passive one!

9.  Probably mostly just a human rights activist.

10. Believe animal rights are as important as human rights.

11.  Human and animal rights are why I buy used/handmade clothing (and LOTs of other stuff), don't eat meat, bake/make responsibly and do almost everything I do every single day.

12.  Not religious, but very spiritual in my own gaze-at-the-trees-blowing-in-the-breeze-and-marvel-at-the-Earth sort of way.

13. Having a really hard time coming up with 30 things!

14. Have so far reached and, in some cases, exceeded my goals. Maybe not my original ones but this is far better. Now time for new ones.

15. Think maybe I should start with keeping my house clean and laundry folded. :::yawn:::

16. If you are my friend or family member I probably have an art/sewing project started for you (or your children) that I put down and haven't gotten back to yet. I'm sorry, I love you and will get to it someday. 

17. Don't subscribe to a certain 'style' of parenting. AP, Free Range, Gentle, Hippie... call it what you will it is my style, just like everything else I've ever done.

18. Am nearly an 'official' Dressmaker/Designer. So add that to Tattooist and wannabe Doula?  Makes for one interesting future. 

19. Might mention that at the moment I'm a SAHM and aspiring Un-schooler. 

20. Will someday have a shop with KatieCorn. Preferably on a communal property with several friends.

21. Rarely regret, but sometimes it's necessary for a moment to move on.

22. Gossip is not my bag. In fact, it's anti-good and usually wrong anyway.

23. Don't show it outright very often, but my husband means everything to me. I just think that's kind of obvious since I'm married to him.

24. Have to schedule dog walks or I forget to do it. Super sad.

25. Don't remember much of my childhood/teen/young adult life. Not names, places, times, conversations. I remember the weather, and the colors of houses and cars, the way grass feels and air smells in different parts of the country, peoples' pets, the way food tasted or smelled. My sister and I argue events all the time and I know she is probably always right. Please don't ever take this personal, I'm learning it's just how my brain works.

26. I'm stopping here because my favorite number is 6. And 2 is a multiple of 6 so 26 is a pretty good number. 36 is better, but I'm running out of things to write. 


  1. #25. Thank you, now I don't feel inadequate! Thought there was something wrong with me, maybe there is, and I guess I passed it on to you! I love you........

  2. Sorry for the anonymous, just didn't know what else to use,Dad

  3. inadequate!? no way dad!
    and you passed quite a few things on to me. and i'm thankful for that.
    i love you!


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