Wednesday, November 10

Love to our Veterans!



I have to make an entry for Veteran's day! Patriotism and military service run very deep in our family, and I can't help but get all teary-eyed thinking about the sacrifices the millions of men and women have made for our freedom. My two grandfathers, all of my awesome uncles, my one very loved aunt, my amazing dad and now my darling husband have all served. It's an honor to be related to them, and I would go to the ends of the Earth to support them. I have fond memories of meeting my dad's ship, waving flags and cheering for the sailors lined up on deck in perfect form. I've now met my husband coming back from deployment once and was overwhelmed with pride for him in that moment. I am a pacifist and am proud to be married to a soldier (tho he'll be quick to tell you that what he loves the most about his job is the humanitarian aspects!). I'm proud of all the friends we've made and all the people who support on the outskirts, there are so, so many people to just be thankful for.


(Grandpa Lincoln)

(Grandpa John)

And let me tell you something, I can't do a post about my family and military without including some military arts and crafts! Ha! How amazing is this? It's a hooked rug made by my great grandmother in 1970:

I love my family.  Thank you!!!
And Aunt Kari, I lifted photos from you! Thank YOU!


  1. Awesome post! Happy Veteran's Day...please give your husband and your entire family a HUGE thank you from our family. I LOVE that your Grandpa was named Lincoln (or was that his last name?) - we considered that as a name for Nate. I heard the First Lady made a stop in Germany today. That wasn't your base, was it?

  2. Nope :( no one comes to our base! haha!
    My sister is having a baby in April and if it's a boy she's naming it Lincoln- it's making a comeback ;D


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