Sunday, August 2

Weekend Nesting.

Most of the week was spent working or driving to the hospital to visit with Chris, so I felt like this weekend really needed to be stepped up a notch. I just kind of went crazy yesterday and decided to take control of my cabinets. I really wanted to work on something for Baby J's room, but I didn't feel so bad once all the food, dishes, appliances and pots and pans were thoroughly cleaned, sorted and organized. I even moved all the canned goods to a shelf in the cellar (took me four years to think of that one!) and it opened up *so* much room in my kitchen cabinets! Hooray!
This won't make much of a difference to most all of you- but Katie and Mom, you'll understand how momentous this is! Haha...

I can't explain the enormous amounts of canned goods. Lets just say at least I'm sure we'll be prepared for anything. I'm pretty sure it's an inherent trait in the women in our family.


Yesterday was a home-made day if there ever was one! We started out with a great egg souffle smothered with brown sugar and cinnamon apples.

We followed up with ginger ale and chocolate soy ice cream (found in the July/August issue of Clean Eating magazine). All of it was unbelievably easy and extremely tasty!


For Lazy Dog Sunday we had a wee visitor, Collin the baby boxer!

The three resident Hunde were enthralled, as was Brenda (and of course I was overwhelmed as well with the utter cuteness of such a tiny puppy!).

Hopefully this week will be a little slower than last and I'll get some puppy-style rest squeezed in! :)


  1. I forgot about the Leek-Potato soup for dinner!

  2. WOW!! are so talented!! I'm husband was like maybe you should have Kari teach you to sew...and to draw...and to organize obviously! I need to organize my pots and pans and CANS in the worst way...I'm not sure if it's just your family thing but I have a whole cabinet dedicated to cans!! I hope your week is a little slower this week!!

  3. Pfft! Riiiight! I haven't cleaned out or organized my cabinets since we moved here- FOUR years ago! lol!

  4. hey, canned goods are never a bad thing to have around, I learned that first hand after Hurricane Ike last year.

    That little pup is ridiculously cute.


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