Saturday, August 22

Birds and Art.

I have to go cook some yummy plum stuffs, but I wanted to post this real quick because I'm so happy with the past few days~

This is Fritz (I think I'm remembering his name right) he's an awesomely curious African Grey.

He is resident of a new friend's house, who holds weekly art classes. In an effort to make more friends and be a little less anti-social I went to my first one Thursday.

The lesson was painting with black and white to get an idea of shadows, lines, ect. Paint is my most favorite thing ever....

We picked an old picture, I picked Clara Bow since I was recently reading about her and seh was on the brain.

Then we pasted the picture to a canvase and painted over it, using the original as a guide. I never thought to do that before and it was kind of a nice exercise in layering and patience, haha..

Here's another Clara- this is done by Sherri (our host and art teacher) for a trade we did. It's a portrait of my great grandma Clara Love for my mom. Isn't is so lovely?!


Yesterday Brenda and I met Cora and H. in Maastricht for a Lush-fix. There wasn't much new going on around there, but we did stumble on these sidewalk drawings!


Last night I was searching for mobiles to hang over the baby's bed on Etsy. I love Etsy, as I've said before, but just have a hard time spending money on things that I could make myself (unless it's a friend making them, then I'll happily hand over an armload of cash!) and so I spent time instead making this today:

Chris and I cut a branch out of the curly bush out back and I sewed and stuffed all the leaves, apples, flowers and the little bird from scraps of fabric rescued from the sewing room.

Then everything was attached with a needle and brown thread. I added some teal ribbon and it was set!

I decided on apples because it goes with the theme (getting warmer?) and because red is one of the only colors tiny babies can see. I really wanted something really pretty and stimulating at the same time.

I really like unfinished edges lately!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I LOVE the artwork Kari! Now I know what I was looking at in your living room. :D Glad to hear that you're going to the classes. I believe that we can all learn from one another that way. I went to a class in town and one guy was completely obsessed with painting better than Van Gogh (it was annoying). I hope your experiences are better. I look forward to updates and maybe I could try a few things? Thanks for sharing this!

  2. SO CUTE! Now you should sell these on Etsy! I love the unfinished edges too!


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