Saturday, August 8

In with the old, out with the new!

I woke up really early this morning and got straight to work. I did some obligatory hemming-of-the-pants for a good friend, then finished up some wrap pants. I looooove making these wraps (yo ucan tie them in the front or the back), and have been wanting to try all sorts of cool fabrics- these ones were made of a bed spread...

I think the India-type design with the pansies is a neat contrast...

With these the edge is unfinished so it will unravel a little over the lace, keeping it pretty but not too fancy.

I really like this natural hued ric-rac I picked up for ten cents a yard!

Then I used some old kids fabric I had been saving to make a Boppy cover for a soon-to-be-mom I know (one of many!). It was exceptionally easy, I just took one of my own covers and turned it inside-out for a pattern and put an overlapping button closure on the back.

Then I used a 1961 pattern to work up this toddler dress for another pregnant friend. I bought this fabric months ago to make a diaper bag for myself (we were sure it was a girl!) and so had to find something new to do with it. I can't remember where the pattern came from but it's *cute*!

The original pattern called for a petticoat and ric-rac, but I left those off and instead added some mismatched buttons to the back. A petticoat and trim would be cute, but it's a busy fabric to begin with so I opted out (this time). I have plans on making a long-sleeved version in a lumberjack plaid for yet another friend's baby.

Lastly, Dani and Tineke came over for a super duper dye session! Seriously we tie dyed and dip dyed at least twenty shirts and onesies (and one pair of tiny shoes)! I've been dieing (har har) for a yellow shirt to match the sunny summer and finally had the chance to make one :)

I even overdyed some older clothes, a skirt, dress and sweater, and most of the shirts were ones we had lying around.

It's really satisfying to put all this 'new' stuff into the world, with hardly any of it actually being new at all.

Repurpose Saturday! Yay!


  1. Those pants are amazing, I've seen them before and I have a "loose" pattern instruction on how to make them but I was worried I'd mess it up. I love that you used sheets for them, if I get the nerve I will try it with some of my cool thrifted sheets. The little dress is so cute, I love the fabric for it:-) You always create beautiful things! I <3 it all!

  2. Try them! They are so worth it!


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