Thursday, August 20

The Almost Weekend Blogger.

It's hot. And I'm officially no longer a Florida girl (was I ever?)... 84* is hot, don't argue with the pregnant lady!
Maybe it's not that it's hot, only that it hasn't rained in... well, I can't remember, and that is very, very strange for Germany. A little twilight zone-y if you ask me. If you ask my rain bucket, she's just sad. And bath-water warm. Usually filled to overflowing with crisp, clean, cool rainwater, she is now showing some wicked rain barrel cleavage. Not to mention the mosquitoes and grass clippings (?) swimming in her midst.

But, the heat is making for some extraordinary sunsets! Or is it that the sun is actually out long enough to catch the tail end of it?


Okay, so I have a confession to make.

We have a plum tree. Or rather, we've
had a plum tree for four years, and I, somehow, never noticed it. I can't explain. I can't even use the same argument I have for Chris when he asks why the front of the oven hasn't been wiped down in, oh I don't know, six months.
"But hun, when I sit in the kitchen I don't notice the stove because the trees and flowers and clouds and birds outside the window are all so pretty and distracting!" (I'm pretty sure this same argument was used when I didn't do my school work in kindergarten).
No. This tree IS outside, and in all it's bright purple and green glory I can see it from all the way across our almost acre-long yard. I guess all I can say is that the grass literally gets mowed twice a year and this year it just happens to be short enough at this time for me to notice the fully fruiting tree. Don't judge, I plan on making up for it in the next few weeks with whatever plum recipe/jam/preservation technique I can come up with!
Christmas night may even be spent sitting around the fire sipping warm spiced plum rum :)

I've always known these apples were here, although they are technically in the yard next door. There are at least 15 trees and most are almost ready to harvest:

On my wanders around the yard today, learning anything new I can, I noticed that the morning glories bloom all day:

And I've always noticed this bush, just never got around to taking a photo of it. I have no idea what it is but I love the curly branches (they look really gnarly in the winter!) They remind me of hundreds of little scraggly dragons, or something equally as random:


At least in this heat I can sit at my table and sew a few projects with the fan blasting on me.
I received a new book in the mail the other day called The Handmade Home, and I think the first thing I'll tackle out of it is a 'rag bag' for the kitchen.

I also can't ignore the refreshing food that's eaten on a hot summer afternoon (with some tart plums thrown in of course):

And the great company who lounges about my house with me all day. Although they snore an awful lot!


I was playing with iPhoto and made one of the plum pictures look like this:

Is there anyone who can turn this into a greeting card for me?? ;D


Monday I start prenatal yoga in Trier, and tonight I call and enroll in a distance learning Dressmaking and Design course (thanks for the idea and encouragement Michelle!). I'm hoping maybe once I'm finished with it I can then teach some real sewing classes on the base (I could do that now but the class could not be called "How to sew quickly and efficiently" but more likely "How to sew like you learned this from an ADHD Pack Rat who can't even find her scissors").



  1. Mmm plums! Distance-learning sounds great!

  2. Aw, I am proud of you for getting out the house... and into your front yard :) Top of my wish list: Canned plum sumthin'.


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