Wednesday, August 12

Oh, Baby!

Happy Wednesday! This is my favorite day of the week, and today is no exception. :)

Johnny's bunny got here yesterday! I absolutely adore it and it goes so well with Gram's afghan and the quilt Katie made. The mail system here is sometimes hard to deal with (we've been waiting on a lawn mower blade for almost two months now) but then it's a pleasant surprise when something shows up quickly. Here he (she?) is in the new home:

I simply love 'new' things as I don't buy much any more. Having this baby is like Christmas for us!
Yesterday as well our lovely friend and neighbor Brenda gave this to us:

I saw it at a second hand store and almost bought it back before I was pregnant, but it was broken and I'm not sure how good I am at fixing things like that. Then I simply forgot about it. Leave it to Brenda to find the same exact thing eight months later and pick it up for the babe! Her husband is ├╝ber handy and so it will probably be a cinch for him to fix up (now why didn't I think of that?). I'm mad about lobsters, and this one clacks his little claws as you push it across the floor!

A while back I found this basket at a flomarkt. It'll be used for storage of toys, diapers, whatever in J.'s room.
I think the fruit fabric is very charming!!

Then there's this shirt I dyed the other night during our mass-dye session, it reminds me of lemon and lime ice pops!


And since Wednesday is my favorite day, I may as well post a picture of one of my favorite things- flowers! This orchid resurrected and grew buds a few weeks ago, now it's showing it's true colors.

I got it from a friend and had no idea what it would look like, it's quite unique!


Okay, seriously. Our gnome-like landlord just scared the bejesus out of me! He walked up to our living room window and peaked in- he's so nosy! When he saw me looking at him (as I waved sarcastically) he asked if Chris was sleeping. I wonder if his mum taught him about knocking at the front door?

Darn, now I feel the need to clean...


  1. Too cool! Thanks for sharing. LOVE the orchid by the way, and what a nice surprise!

  2. I love it! The lobster, bunny and the tie dye, especially your shirt that you had on yesterday. Definitely worth the effort i'd say! P.s. i tried to make no make cookies because yours looked so delicious and FAILED! How do you fail at no bake cookies? I lose.

  3. Did you cook the sauce too long? or sometimes you have to add a bit more oatmeal if they are runny :( try, try again! lol!

  4. The lobster is so cute! We have "clacking" toys here and I just love that sound! The basket liner fabric is so cool, and the tie dye shirt too:-) Your blog is just DeLiciOus Kari:-)


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