Sunday, August 16

Another not so lazy weekend!

Fun weekend! Brenda, Ally, Zak and I all went to Vianden, Luxembourg for a tattoo convention. The first thing I saw was this:

It's funny because back before we knew the gender of the baby my dad nicknamed it "Rocket" and then I eventually named him Johnny. We decided that he's going to be a super cool kid with the name Johnny Rocket- and here it's proven! Haha!

If you're excited to see a bunch of tattoo photos don't get your hopes up :( I apparently don't pay much attention to others tattooing these days, not enough to remember to take pictures anyway!

But I did notice these well worn Tibetan prayer flags hanging over a (friend's) friend's booth.

And a nice view of the restored castle that overlooks the town:

And a couple be-a-utiful vintage motorcycles:

And a sweeeeet Buick Special, in my all-time favorite color too!

We saw some old friends and made some new ones. Saw some incredible tattoo work and made plans for future work for ourselves :)
I even made a deal with a *great* artist- he owes me a tattoo, but since I'm thoroughly knocked up he'll make me a painting for Johnny's room instead! I'm excited about this for several reasons; his paintings are so creative and kind of rare these days. He uses found objects a lot and lots of kid-like style, I'm really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. I'm also looking forward to passing it along to Baby J. as he moves on through the years!


That was yesterday. Today I laid on the couch until noon, but then I hopped up and finally did a thing or two for the babe's room. It was H-O-T today! But it was so nice to spend time in the sun!

Let me reiterate how much I love bulk trash days! Some things look *so* bad, like this stool did (the cushion was disgusting!) but are so sturdily built underneath the grime.

Once it was stripped, painted and reupholstered it definitely made the point that it will do the job I was hoping it would :)

And this I actually picked up at a 'flomarkt' which happened to simply be a barn full of old crap. I thought it would be good to hang over the changing table to hold baskets of diapers, powder, ointment, ect..

The chrome got polished up with some steal wool and the wood got a fresh coat of paint and it actually came out better than I was expecting... Luckie liked it! haha!

Now to tackle this beast:

Zak cut a new shelf for the inside of it and Brenda gave me a key from her key collection because it was locked when we hauled it off the side of the road (unfortunately we didn't find any interesting treasure inside!). Chris and I put the first coat of paint on it tonight, I'll post pictures once it's done of course...

Now for a good long shower to wash off the sweat, sun and sandpaper dust! I'm happy to have gotten things done but I'm beat!


  1. WOW, I'm so impressed!!! You are the Queen of Creativity! You inspire me ...

  2. I hope you are feeling ok...I didn't see anything about running after the doggies in the post!! he he!! I love the stool....that is way cool!! I can't wait to see the room all done!!


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