Thursday, February 4

Winter and then some.

It never occurred to me that my birthday was in the middle of winter. But then, I grew up in Florida where we spent the first week of February sunning ourselves on the roof, not trudging through icy sludge and spinning our cars out on the slick roads. I know, surprising right? You'd never know I've ever gotten any sun with the lovely shade of pale I'm sporting these days...

Last week we got a healthy serving of snow, and then some more. Nothing like the twelve feet or so that my family in New Hampshire can get, more like twelve inches really, but still more than we've seen in our four years living here. It was beautiful and I managed to grab a photo before it all melted in the past two days.

Germany is strange in that all the fields and trees manage to stay green under all the snow, so when it melts it's like it just never happened...


Here's the picture of Johnny in his Yoda hat that I promised:

I'm going to stop posting these on Facebook because then everyone gets a double dose and that gets annoying, not that you don't want to keep seeing my cute kid's face everywhere! If it's blog worthy, it stays on the blogsphere!

Like the sweater and sweater pants I managed to make in the past two weeks:

The sweater is crocheted for a friend's baby. The pants are made from the sleeves of a thrift store sweater that Katie sent me. It is wool and I just threw it in the washer and dryer to get it a little denser. I'll lanolize them so they are leak-proof. Warm pants that are waterproof? Handy for a cloth diaper baby in winter! Not to mention they are so adorably hippie!


We are going to eventually teach ASL (American Sign Language) to Johnny. I think we can start soonish, I have to read about it a bit before we jump in.
Anyway, I found this great teething ring on Etsy:

It's from Little Sapling Toys and for every toy you buy they plant a tree :) It's one of his favorites so far, beside this, from Green Mountain Wee Woolies:

Nothing fancy, but they entertain him nonetheless.

Oh, and he gave up his pacifier! All on his own, just wouldn't take it one day and hasn't since. In fact, he screams louder if you try to give it to him, haha...


Now, I leave you with a parting shot of the family, because I can:

Thank you Tricia for managing to crop out the out-of-season Christmas pants and Chris's BDUs! ;D


  1. Super cute!! Gotta love the Etsy!!! I love the wall paintings too!!!

  2. Haha! Wow! As you can see I totally used your hat as inspiration for my son, but no worries, I definitely couldn't make it near as well as you or sell it to anyone, I can hardly get my 3 month old to wear it, hehe... I am forwarding your link to a friend who wants and adult size hat! :)


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