Monday, February 15


So, finally back to the sewing machine! Working on an extra special bag for a long-past-due trade. There is much more waiting in the wings, but for now there's this:

Just trying out my newly learned pleating and zipper skills. I'm very happy with it! I love the awful 70's colors :]

And for Johnny:

My dad bought him this cute hoodie for Christmas, but he only wore it once and then the season was over. So I reworked it into something Dad would still be proud of and would work for the remainder of winter/spring:

Yay Beatles! That piece of fabric is from a goody bag sent to me from Katie's four year old's birthday party ;D Cool kid, mine can only aspire as of yet, but now he's on his way...

And one more pair of sweater pants:

I like the cable knit on these ones. (I hate taking photos as night, the quality takes a wicked dive.)

I am really happy to be back at this. The baby sleeps well nowadays and so I think I'll certainly be able to get a few hours of sewing in a week. He's also very good at entertaining himself on the floor lately, so maybe even daylight sewing will be had!


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