Thursday, February 18

Sonnigen Tag

Look what I bought Johhny (who's four months today!). It needs handles and a rope pull, but it's really cool!

Proof that the sun shines in Deutschland!

It's a good thing, that so called sunshine. We don't see it here often in the winter, and it's driving me nuts... It's so rare that I frantically ran around the house taking photos of whatever just to get in some good light!
And now I share:

A seriously good stack of pancakes (a la Chris) and warmed blueberries...and maple syrup of course!

Tricia's haphazard and lovely dressing table. I think it looks a little boudoir :)

Johnny's rocking horse. His great-grandpa made it for Chris many many years ago and now it's been passed along.

The living room window! I'm wicked proud of all my ALIVE plants (three blooming orchids at once?!) and they really can cheer you up in the middle of winter. Even the hibiscus is about to bloom for the first time in two years.

A stack of new-old skirts I was able to work on this week, hopeful for spring. Some are shortened skirts, some are dresses turned into skirts and some are shortened dresses to wear over jeans.

The bazillion stitches on the new-old sewing machine.

The sun shining through our tablecloth curtains in the bedroom.

And this is silly but it makes me super relaxed; my new laundry system. Actually, the only laundry system I've ever had, heh.

That's right folks, our house has graduated from laundry living on the floor to sorted bins and folded clothing right out of the dryer! Well, for the most part anyway :)

Yes, the baskets are in the tub. We don't use it since we have a stand-up shower and it's the only place they will fit. You work with what you have, right?

Happy Thursday!

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