Sunday, February 28

Johnny and mommy goodness.

It's a little blurry, but this is pretty much my favorite baby photo as of yet:

I. Freaking. Love. His. Face!


We used to have dogs' nests in the living room, now it's baby nests:

No, that is not Johnny's Kong ball, we are still trying to convince Luckie that this is not his nest.


The lovelies over at the Rogers' house made a tag blanket for the boy. Love love love the colors! It's the perfect size to tote around and he has already claimed it with copious amounts of saliva.


It's still winter here, naturally. In fact I heard that it will be winter until May?! That is ridiculous, but at least we are warm in our fashionable sweaters:

I scored this Alpine wool sweater at the thrift shop, brought it home, felted it up and copied a little sweater Johnny wears all the time to make the perfect little winter wearable.


I've also been working on organizing. Using a tutorial I found here, I made a few bags to stash stuff.
The toy bag, in frontier-kid fabric, full of his favorite toys:

We don't usually tote all those toys around daily, but it will be handy for future travel plans.

Then the diaper bag, in awesome tennis shoe fabric:

I love nursing, it makes the diaper bag soooo simple to pack! The one thing I forget the most is a Ziploc bag for dirty diapers, but soon I will have a real wet bag and it will be easier to remember. I also love German stuff. Those are the best wipes evvverrrr, and are even washable. And they sell traditional flat diapers for cheap that make amazing burp rags. The sling takes up the most room, but usually it's actually on me and not in the bag. I made this to keep stocked and just toss into any ol' bag I want to use that day. I do want to make a real diaper bag and have big plans for a cool one, it's just going to take some time.


Our very first Calvin Hair picture:

The Calvin Hair photo is a tradition I have been planning for many, many years, just waiting patiently for a little one to come along and grow some hair!


So, my favorite thing since I've had Johnny is my eyeliner. I had it tattooed on three years ago and it makes me feel a little more human when I hardly have time to even brush my hair.
I went last week to have it touched up, and took the plunge into tattooed eyebrows!

Cat is the best, I'm sure I'd never let anyone else touch my face with a tattoo machine! I know I would have never, ever gotten my eyebrows done if she wasn't so *dang* good :)

And it didn't hurt as badly this time, I'm very happy for that!


I decided to forgo a garden this year. We'll be gone for a good chunk of the summer and I don't like the idea of wasting time or food. I'll be very happy to be settled somewhere nearer family so that we don't have to take these long trips to see everyone all at once, or we'll have to start planning them in the winter at least.
For now I'm riffling through the pages of Mother Earth News magazine and The Backyard Homestead dreaming of the day when I can fill our yard with food to last the whole year through!
I will be foraging like a fool tho! And I'll be planting an herb garden on the balcony again, and maybe growing a grape vine or two.

Really, really looking forward to summer by the way!!


  1. Oh, two of my favorite magazines! I'm starting my seeds indoors tomorrow and I'm so stoked that spring seems to come early here in the states. Although I'm sure its got nothing on the German springs! I think spring/fall are my faves over there. I'll keep you posted on my mini homestead adventures starting here soon! BTW your face is smashing! :)

  2. Love the eyeliner! I have wanted that done for a few years now but never had the guts. Yours looks terrific! Johnny is getting SO BIG! I can't believe it! I miss seeing you all the time. We should hang out, i bought the "sewing bible" so i am going to try and put that to good use :)


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