Friday, February 5

Make Music, Not War.

I have a sadly unfinished sleeve tattoo on my left arm, as you can see in the previous post. It's got a music theme and I decided a few years ago that I wanted it to encompass all my favorite eras of music. The one unifying theme in all the music I love is that it all seems to be a sort of rebellion of its time, freeing new generations from previous uptight ones or protesting war and oppression. Not all generations are fortunate enough to witness change through music, but I have a lot of respect for those musicians in the past 100 years that were able to open hearts and change minds and stay true to their art. I was lucky to have parents who encouraged us to listen and learn and I'm hoping to pass that on to our son.
So here a few ideas I'd like to incorporate in my sleeve when I do finally get around to finishing it:

The instruments involved are super inportant.

Obviously in earlier music dancing was a huge part of it.

Then art became intertwined with music like never before...

And I think I need to throw some plaid in there for good measure! It's interesting to me how 'fashion' goes so well with music and always has.

It's not lost on me how these different generations of musicians sometimes down-right hate one another. Punks don't take kindly to hippies, that's no joke. My grandpa's generation thinks mine is noisy and crazy and quite useless musically, I'm sure. But each one has it's own something special for a time and then graciously (or not so graciously!) makes way for a new sound and message for a new crowd, and if we are fortunate enough to learn from previous artists we can probably hear what the new ones are saying and then maybe we can become more understanding of one another!

If it was good in the past, it'll still be good today! ;D

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