Monday, February 8

Paper me!

We had a swell Carnival party on Saturday night, lots of fun, costumes and food! Yay! I wore a top hat, my sister was a fortune teller and Chris had tattoo sleeves, very strange to see, haha...
Thank you to everyone who could make it, it made for a very happy birthday! My sister is wonderful and I'm glad that Chris didn't have to work the next day!!

And then, there's this:

It's a wardrobe, full of these:

That, my friends, happens to be ME! My friend Angela is a great artist and she hand drew me into a custom paper doll with all the fixin's...

I've always wanted hair like that. I'm pretty exited that some one interpreted my hair as that hair, hehe...

See? It really is me!

And a snoozing Baby Johnny! (Freakin' AWW!!)

Can you believe the details? How cute is that? (Did you notice my leopard flame tattoo?! You can click on any of these photos to enlarge them and see all of the little buttons and stitches.)

I'm blown away, seriously. What a personal, thoughtful and unique gift! I hope she makes one for everyone she knows- I'd love to see what she can come up with! ;D

Woooo for art!!


  1. Those are gorgeous, but then look who they're modeled after. :) I love that she has a baby Johnny with your outfits.

  2. I'm in complete awe and in love with what she's created for you. I sooo want one too. I agree with Charissa too- I love the baby wearing of Johnny and how he completes your wardrobe =]


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