Tuesday, January 4


Cut and paste clouds.

I dislike odd numbers. I couldn't begin to tell you why, all I know is that 2011 doesn't sit well with me. Yea, yea, it's silly. 
Thinking about this the other day, though, brought me to a pretty obvious realization: 99% of my bad days begin with me. I am to blame for my lack of patience, motivation and understanding and there is only one way to change all that. I cannot begin this year out with the thought that this will be a weird and  unlikeable year simply because I don't like the number!

So, my only resolution this year is to take responsibility and make the best and most of every single day. I thought a cute way to start our day would be to draw a little picture of how we think the day will go, and hopefully Johnny will get in on the act when he's a little older. I think that an optomistic attitude would carry over into the rest of the day quite easily. I'd love to commit to 365 days of morning drawings! We'll see though.... (how cute would that be?) Not to mention, I MISS ART. I do something every so often and get so engulfed, I'd really like to include it into every single day.

Happy New Year and best wishes on your own resolutions!



  1. If you add it up numerology style, it's an even year. :) 2+0+1+1=4
    Good luck on your resolutions.


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