Friday, January 14

All is right with the world.

I made a dress this week for ten year old girl, she will be wearing it to her first dance tonight.
We had a very successful toddler art group this week and I managed to make it to craft night! Then I sat around with my sister and her great friend as we watched chick flicks and painted our toenails.
Tonight I had dinner with my husband and son in our favorite Italian restaurant.

One of my parents told me I make their heart swell. I'm not sure which one, but thank you- you do the same to mine!

There is much more but we have to go video chat with family now.  Have a nice weekend! xoxoxo...


  1. This is so sweet. It's the little things, right? Continue on and have a fantastic weekend, Kari!

  2. :) It is most definitely the little things! Have a wonderful weekend as well!


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