Sunday, January 30


February is a magical month, it's my birthday month so of course I've always loved it.
It's the worst month ever when it comes to winter though! This is when it starts really dragging on and I start dreaming of sunbathing on the roof of my high-school best friend's house... We were in Florida, we could do stuff like that in February.

But this February will be the best one yet.

My cohort and counterpart Katie will be here tomorrow at 1 p.m., all the way from Las Vegas! She and her daughter are staying more than three weeks and we plan on getting A LOT done, so there may not be much time for blogging. Not that I'm around much lately, but I'll probably be around even less this month.

You should look forward to when she leaves though (I won't!) as I should then be able to reveal some fantastic top-secret plans and share some great times that we are sure to be having in the coming weeks.

See you then :)

P.s. I'm really missing all my other cohorts!! You know who you are! Xo!!

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