Friday, January 21

About a bag.

 Gah, my blog is being totally boring and sporadic lately. Just not feeling it I think. I barely even feel like voicing my opinion on things lately, even in real life, which is way surprising.
I miss the old days with tons of time to upload (or even TAKE) photos, long rambling thought processes, ideas and ambition. Hah. Ambition.
Okay, no, the ambition is still there, it's just quietly lurking in the shadows while I am washing diapers and cooking breakfast and trying to remember to walk the dogs.

We've had a really good bout of sickness this past week. I've said on more than one occasion over the past few days that I think the evilest thing in the world is being sick with a toddler that seems to be feeling fine. He was sick first and just passed it to me (which he ALWAYS does) but this time it hit pretty hard. Add to that a husband that actually isn't allowed to leave work (thank you, Air Force) and it's a big, weepy, full-of-emotion snot fest.
Anyway, it has passed and hopefully it'll stay at bay for a few months at least.

While stuck in this house I actually managed to tackle a project I've been thinking about for quite some time. I wanted to make a diaper bag back when I still needed one and never got around to it. You know how it goes, just because you can make something doesn't mean you ever will for yourself. I've been using a backpack and an old messenger bag I bought in Maastricht that looks worse for the wear. So finally I gathered up all my favorite things and swiflty pieced them together into a new messenger bag.

I had to think long and hard on what type of bag to make. Of all of the ones I have I always gravitate back to that kind- so easy to throw on and cart around whatever you need, I can reach into it easily with Johnny in the sling and it won't fall off my shoulders ever. I went against my better judgement and added two huge open pockets to the outside for things I need to reach quickly. I love them and have tested them enough to not regret them, but in Europe pick-pockets are a true problem so we'll see how they hold up- although I don't think anyone would really want a sippy cup of watered-down juice that badly.

There are no pockets on the inside but I'm thinking of making a little removable zipper pouch and a matching padded camera bag. See? Ambition ;}

The fabrics are:
Silver and pink sari from a German thrift store,
Rainbow plaid shirting from Katie,
Unfinished quilt peices from a 1930's quilt off of Ebay,
Batik from the Base craft store,
Fruit and flower fabric from my Grandmother (I think),
Yoga monkey fabric (interior) from Kat as a baby shower gift,
The felted strawberry panel was a gift from Emily. I've had it for several years and have never done anything with it because it needed that perfect home where I could look at it all the time :)

So there you have it, thought about for nearly two years and made in a day and a half. I like it better than my L.A. Betsey Johnson bag, and that's saying a lot! I feel like Betsey herself would want to comission me to make one of these, haha!

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  1. That bag will certainly over power any winter blues. :)


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