Wednesday, December 29

Lookie here!

I submitted a sort of back story on our road to having an intact son and it was posted! :)
Check it out at  Do It 4 ERIC.
That's a great site doing great work by the way, look around a little while you're there!


  1. Thank you for your story and thanks for posting this! Are you a military wife, living in Germany? If so, were you able to educate other military mothers who had sons about the importance of leaving their sons intact?

  2. I am military spouse. I've managed to hook up with a few other ladies over here and we are trying to get some education out there! It' not as simple as I thought, but I am learning new things everyday.
    One of the things we'd really like to do is get our health insurance to stop covering RIC, that would make a huge difference!
    Thanks for dropping in!


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