Saturday, December 18

lazy dogs, scary santa and why my husband sucks.

When all the spots in the house are covered in holiday-making fabric piles,  Nova gets creative with Johnny's bean bag! She's always been the most resourceful I've ever seen.

We took J to a kids Christmas party and of course Santa was there. We have been talking about the Santa factor and how he will fit into our family over the next few years. I was leaning towards just leaving him out for the most part and this *kind of* sealed the deal, haha!

Although, someone could use some Santa spirit around here. Yesterday this was a gift to me from Chris under the tree, and unwrapped and open box.

Johnny got ahold of it and now it's a stack of books sitting on the t.v. center next to the tree. Awesome. I love surprises.


  1. sooo.. how come you wanted to leave the Santa factor out? just curious

  2. I think it's silly to lie to a kid about an imaginary guy. I think it encourages taking over giving and that's a hard habit to break.
    I read an article that encouraged freedom of belief and I do like that. For instance, their kid asked who Santa was and the mom explained he was a man who brought gifts to kids many years ago and some people still believe that he does to this day. The kid asked if he really is real and the mom said, "What do you think?" and that particular kid chose to believe, while his sister did not. They still get Christmas morning gifts and full stockings, they are just free to choose their beliefs about where they come from instead of being duped and feeling, I don't know, gypped, haha... :)

  3. thats how I feel .. If (and when.. cuz I know the day will come) Aly asks "who is santa?" "is he real?"
    I want to be honest with her and have her decide.. I dont know if Aaron is on the same page .. but we have a while to decide that.

    .... but, I will also make sure she knows that most kids believe he is real and to not "spoil the game" for them.


  4. Oh no! I'm sorry, but the present from your husband totally made me laugh. Men! Hope you and the boys had a very merry christmas!


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