Wednesday, December 29

Christmas and other goodness.

 The holidays this year are by far less exciting than last year, but nice none-the-less.
I was really looking forward to Johnny opening gifts for the first time. He wasn't so interested though. He did get some really nice (even handmade-not-by-me) toys and I got a sweet potato cook book. Chris got a saw (more on that in a minute).

He did love the traditional shipment of Chex Mix from the New Hampshire grands!

....I think that may be his 'chewing face'.

I was able to complete a project I'v been thinking of for ages! We had two old night tables that I imagined would be perfect for a mini kitchen, they are!
I picked up free white paint from the recycling center, but just about bought a can of it when I was on my fourth coat! Five was the magic number and I don't think that paint will be going anywhere any time soon. I used my friend's jigsaw to cut an oven door and epoxied all the other pieces on. There's even a batch of wooden fruit I painted and an oven mitt for him to play with. He's played with it every day and he even stirs things in the pot, which is something he never did before :)

Another handmade gift, a purse for my sister-in-law:

And I know that you in the States have been getting hammered with snow! We have been getting our fair share here, it's the worst winter since we've been living here anyway (and in a long time I believe, last winter was the worst in 25 years and this one is much harder so far.)

I hate being cooped up. Hate hate. But it is icy and a little hard to carry a 20-something pound child on your back while trying to maneuver the snow that NEVER gets plowed in your town while walking two excited dogs.
It sucks and I am going out of my mind. Johnny is not a fan of the snow as of yet since he's still gaining balance and has a hard time getting up once he's down.
My dear husband just made my life 100% better.... Remember the saw? He used it to build us a sled! I can't wait to load J up and take it for a spin (yay!! YAYYY!!!). 

Funny enough it's made from the headboard that went with the side tables above. Genius.


Tomorrow is my sister's baby shower, here's a peek:

....As you may be able to guess, I finally received the new computer charger in the mail! So I'm back on my beloved Macbook and should be posting a little more often... xo!


  1. How fun!!!
    Everything. All of it!
    I hope she has a wonderful shower too.
    Congrats on an ever-growing beautiful family!

  2. You two are so impressive! I just can't get over the little kitchen you made him. What an amazing job. And how adorable that he stirs the pot. Nate is just starting to get into pretend/imaginative play and it is so much fun!

  3. J. couldn't be any cuter! I'm in love with your son.
    And wish you could be my mommy. I want that cool kitchen.


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